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Meet Raechel

Coveted for her curiosity, resilience, and resourcefulness, Raechel is at once the whip-smart, Rubik’s Cube-solving* best friend, the kickass femme fatale in Amazon Prime’s award-winning “Shut Up and Run,” and a lightsaber-wielding heroine in the recent porg™-filled AR commercial (Dayton-Faris). As the lovable, witty, and ever-helpful roommate you’ve always wanted to have, she’ll build the fire on your spontaneous camping trip and help you cyber-stalk your crush (and she’ll be there if it doesn’t work out, with copies of John Wick 1 & 2 and your favorite ice cream in tow.)

A veritable Swiss-army knife, Raechel is competitively well-rounded, equipped with artistic instincts from painting and music; the discipline of athletic training in volleyball and lindy hop; and the epicurean tastes of a hole-in-the-wall foodie. When not pursuing one of her many interests, she’s collecting stamps in her passport and solving all the puzzles in the in-flight magazine.

*Her fastest time is 00:01:09

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